In the Construction Industry, What sells is the Brand Recognition and Product Awareness.

For this you need the BIG IDEA and that’s CNI for YOU.

Grab it now. Become a Member. Gift Your Business with the BIG BOOST.

CNI is a Referral Marketing Platform built for the Construction Industry by Construction Professionals


Referrals at CNI will fetch you the Right Customers

Being an exclusive Construction industry Referral Platform, You get the chance to meet Professional advocates for your Product, who understand the technicalities of your product better. They would use their credence in claiming your victory against competition. Consumer Polls have always proven that recommendations and reviews are trusted more than conventional advertisements. CNI fetches your product with recommendations from Friends in Business.

CNI Enhances your Market Reach

CNI’s Referral Marketing Model is designed to support you in increasing your Brand outreach among the Construction fraternity, by effectively using your already acquired customers as your campaigners to fetch new customers. Being a network of Professionals in the same industry, there is virtually no limits in expanding your Brand Reach.

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Expert opinion Matters & CNI is the Platform for Experts

At CNI, you are a Construction industry Expert interacting directly with another Expert from an alternate segment of the same industry. You get benefited from valuable opinions and suggestions of the Market trends to help your Brand compete against competition

Great ROI

Unlike the FMCG segment, Products and Services in the Construction industry sell more owing to the Quality factor rather than discounts and freebies. At CNI you get the chance to communicate your Product’s Quality to a Qualified Audience at a cost which fetches you returns in abundance, in just a few seconds.

From the Professional for the Professionals

CNI is a Platform designed for Professionals by a Professional with over two decades of valuable experience in every facet of the Construction Industry. The ammo provided will hence be unmatched in Performance and Results.

The Founder

The CNI Forum is the brainchild of Mr.E.Udayakumar, Managing Director & CEO of the PROMPT Group of Companies. His credence in the industry has been gained as a result of his Market-oriented approach and committed inclination to the Indian Construction industry.

As a result of his everyday connect with the industry, he brims with unmatched knowledge levels and understanding of the market trends, which he proposes to effectively put to task in the CNI Platform for the benefit of every Participant, by incorporating the same level of understanding towards the advantage of referral marketing.

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