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Meeting Etiquette

  • Networking : Members should be arrive Half an hour before the meeting for networking purpose with fellow members and to be present entire meeting without fail.
  • Proxy : Every Member is expected to participate actively in all weekly meetings of the CNI Chapter. Incase of any unavoidable absenteeism the Member will have to depute a substitute key proxy from his / her company for Meetings unattended by him / her directly. The Proxy will be allowed only 4 meetings per year.
  • Exemption of Participation :
    • For instance, with Four (4) CNI Meetings scheduled every month, the total CNI Meetings scheduled for any year will total to Forty Eight (48). The maximum number of exceptions permissible for participation of any Member will be Four (4) Meetings only.
    • For a thorough understanding; Out of the total 48 CNI Chapter Meets, the Member will have to ensure his direct participation for 44 Meets, which will be mandatory. The Member is permitted to depute a Key proxy (as substitute) from the organization for participating in the remaining Four (4) meets.
  • Allowed Absenteeism :
    • The Member has to ensure the participation of the key proxy, as a substitute in the CNI Chapter Meets unattended by him/her. Failure to depute a key proxy will be considered as absenteeism and the permitted number of absenteeism for a year will strictly be only Four (4).
    • Unavoidable absenteeism will have to be reported to the Chapter CEO prior to the start of the meet. The explanation for the unavoidable absenteeism will have to be received and accepted by the Chapter CEO, without which the Member wouldn't be permitted to participate in the Weekly Meet of the Chapter.
    • More than Four Absenteeism (4) CNI Meets by any Member, without prior intimation to the Chapter CEO, will result in forfeiture of the Membership fee and will be treated Non- Membership Status
  • Dress Code : Members are expected to be responsibly groomed for every CNI Meeting. CNI Members are to wear the approved dress code of Half-coat Suit in Dark blue colour with proper manner. Members can purchase the uniform with the CNI logo badge from. From CNI Official Representative / Chapter CEO by mentioning their size and remitting the applicable cost.
  • DND Protocol : All CNI Meetings will strictly follow a DND (Do-Not-Disturb) Protocol and all Participants will be instructed to turn their Mobile phones to silent modes or requested to switch off their Mobile phones.
  • Appreciation : Appreciation will be Mandatory for all the activities of fellow members like Referral giving, Self introduction.