Chapter Meeting Run Order

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Topic Preceded by
Silent Prayer By Meeting Chairman
Garland to Meeting Chairman CEO
Welcome Address By Secretary
Brief of CNI By CEO
CNI Pledge By CEO
New Members Introduction & Induction By CEO / MDC
Introduction of External / Internal Speaker By Meeting Chairman (MC)
Members Weekly Presentation 1st Member / 2nd Member
Members & Visitors Self Introduction,
(Permitted time slot of 45 sec / per member)
Meeting Chairman (MC)
Referral by Members & Visitors by Members
ASK and Thanks Note by Members
Weekly Recognition
1. Maximum Referral of the Week
2. Maximum Visitors invitees of the Week
3. Maximum one to one of the Week
4. On Time of the Week
5. Best Self Introduction of the Week
By CEO / Secretary
Vote of Thanks By Secretary
Birthday or Anniversary Celebrations By Membership Team